High Ridge Farm LLC

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English and western riders are invited to compete in both fun and schooling shows during the fall, spring and summer at High Ridge Farm LLC. Our shows are held in the outdoor ring. There is a daily and End of Season Champion and Reserve Champion awards to be won!

2020 Fall Fun Show High Point Series

August: 8th, 15th

September: 5th, 12th

October: 10th, 17th

November: 1st, 14th, 21st (Shows start at 10:00am)

Fun Shows start at 9:00am (unless otherwise specified).

2020 Scholarship Benefit Fun Shows

$40 day fee per horse & rider or $10 per class. Both English & Western welcome. There will be two cake walks & a silent auction to benefit the programs. Benefit shows begin at 10:00am.

This year we will have a joint benefit show on Sunday November 8th, 2020. This will be a Halloween show with a dress-up class!

Fun Show Series Information

$8 Per Class or $40 Day Fee (per horse and rider)
There will be a lunch break and cake walk between classes 17 and 18. The food stand is operated by Gunpowder & High Ridge 4-H Club.
Classes begin at 9AM. November fall shows start at 10AM.

  1. Leadline under 8 years as of January 1st
  2. Command Sr
  3. Command Jr
  4. Command Sr walk-jog/trot
  5. Command Jr walk-jog/trot
  6. Keyhole Sr
  7. Keyhole Jr
  8. Keyhole Sr walk-jog/trot
  9. Keyhole Jr walk-jog/trot
  10. Pole Bending Sr
  11. Pole Bending Jr
  12. Pole Bending Sr walk-jog/trot
  13. Pole Bending Jr walk-jog/trot
  14. Barrel Racing Sr
  15. Barrel Racing Jr
  16. Barrel Racing Sr walk-jog/trot
  17. Barrel Racing Jr walk-jog/trot
  18. Mystery Class 1 Sr
  19. Mystery Class 1 Jr Mystery 1
  20. Sr walk-jog/trot
  21. Mystery 1 Jr walk-jog/trot
  22. Plug Sr
  23. Plug Jr
  24. Plug Sr walk-jog/trot
  25. Plug Jr walk-jog/trot
  26. Pony Express Team
  27. Egg on Spoon Sr/JR walk jog

Riders & Age

Children’s Lead Line
Adult Walk/Jog – any age, those that don’t lope or canter.
Junior Walk/Jog – for children 11 years or younger OR riding experience of less than 2 years.
Juniors – 13 years & under as of January 1
Seniors – 14 years & older as of January 1

Rules & Regulations

Prior to Show
Negative coggins must be presented at the show.

During Show
Classes may be combined or divided based on number of participants.
Proper riding attire is required.
There is NO loping nor cantering in any walk-jog/trot classes.
There are NO dogs allowed.
No alcohol allowed.
Bring your own chairs.


Safety equipment must be worn at all times when mounted.
High Ridge Farm is not responsible for accidents to horse, people, equipment nor vehicles.

Points & Placings

1st – 10th ribbons will be presented
End of Series High Point Awards are given to the Champion and Reserve Champion of each division.